The seasons invite us to change. Yet, the invitation is not always accepted easily. Many people suffer signs of unrest during the seasons invitation. This is partly due to the strong effects and influences that light and weather exert on our mood. Join me for seasonal events to ease our minds and our bodies into this invitation. An invitation to celebrate the seasons.

Let’s step back and assess what we want more of as well as what we want to eliminate as we move through Summer towards Fall.

Connect with other women and celebrate the solstice as we stitch together our intention for our wellness in the coming months.
Summer is my favorite time of year. It’s the time of holiday, Graduations, Weddings and even birthdays (happy birthday to me). It’s a time for stepping into the sunshine and slowing down.
Let’s slow down and assess what we want to eliminate as we move into summer. Let’s use the sun to enlighten us.